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This piece was created in collaboration with Lily Diep and Tia Bennet.

For this project, we wanted to play with the viewer by creating a situation that would take others out of a passive viewing experience. To do this we designed and constructed a box that sits on the floor and hides a monitor inside. In a dark room, the only light that can be seen comes from beneath the box as well as through the hole at the front. The light, as well as an ominous soundscape, incites curiosity in the viewer and asks them to stick their head inside the hole. And in order to do this they must get a little uncomfortable. If the viewer does decide to look in the box, an ultrasonic sensor programmed on an Arduino picks up the motion and triggers a video on the monitor inside. The video inside sees 3D face splines floating in a void and puts the viewer in a compromising position as they watch these floating heads while their own head sits in this dark space.


To the left are images from the project process. Documentation includes initial 3D design mockups, photos from the programming process using Arduino, details from the video inside, and the installation view.

Below you can see the documentation video as well as an edit from the floating heads that the sensor triggers inside the box.


the box

Looking into The Box
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