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Toronto and Ottawa


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Isa Peñaranda Gaviria (she/they) is a Colombian-Canadian creative with an interest in video-based art, illustration, clay crafts, and installation art. Isa holds a BFA in Film Studies with a specialization in new media and integrated digital applications. In their work, Isa focuses on experimenting with hand-drawn and layered animation techniques, colourful visuals, and sculptural elements to highlight themes of home, personal identities, and urban environments.

screening / exhibition

2021 Online Screening, Photophobia: Contemporary Moving Images Festival, hosted by Hamilton Artists Inc. and the Art Gallery of Hamilton, Hamilton, ON 

2021 Online Group Exhibition, Let’s go digital, let’s get active!, Express Impress, UK (curated by Andrea Pisano, Anna Ignazzi, Domitilla Massouda)

2021 Online Group A/V Event, NO Stallions Allowed, ponyHAUS, Toronto, ON (work in collaboration with Emi the DJ)

2020 Site-specific Solo Installation, Dissimulō, FCAD Display Yonge-Gould St, Toronto, ON (project in collaboration with visual artist Lily Tieu Phung Diep)

2019 Student Exhibition, Art Of War, Image Factory School of Image Arts, Toronto, ON

2016 Student Exhibition, Ab Intra, Yellow House Gallery, Toronto, ON

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