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Applying creative techniques in projection technology, design, and fabrication, Dissimulo was collaboratively created as a critique on the energy expended by individuals in order to function in spaces that asks us to be something other than what we are. As a whole, Dissimulo gives insight into the life of someone who wears different masks to function in the theatre of society.


“As two introverts living in an extroverted society, we are aware of the masks we have to put on in order to fit the requirements of our social environments.”


The screen portion of the project includes animated clips that illustrate a puppet who discovers itself in a mask producing factory. Everyone around is forced to wear these masks. The animation is presented inside of a miniature theatre designed in the style of Victorian-era architecture but painted white to reflect the  minimalism that has taken over modern design. The theatre also acts as a shadowbox, with two sides acting out scenes inspired by what will be the beginning and the end of the animated story.

This video-installation was created collaboratively with my good friend Lily Tieu Phung Diep and with the amazing support and guidance of IMA's studio technician Joseph Lammirato.

To the left are images from the project process. Documentation includes initial sketches, 3D mockups, illustrated details, laser cutting process, building, programming, and testing.

Below you can see the FCAD installation.



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