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In 2022, Melody Village Junior Public School commissioned Fresh Paint Studio + Cafe to brighten up the school's exterior with a mural that would reflect their colourful and jovial community of students, faculty, and staff. 

Together with a small cohort of graduating grade five students, we set out to create this mural which was inspired by their desire to soar high towards their dreams and expansive futures.

Under the direction of Roxane Tracey – and in collaboration of other Fresh Paint teammates – I lead the design process of this mural and took on the challenges of researching, prepping, production, and facilitating mural painting sessions.

The most satisfying and important part of this project was to work with and guide the student cohort to create something lasting and to introduce them to the fun and unpredictable creative process of making public art. 

Below are some photos from the process.

melody village mural


Mural Design Sketch
Mural Design Illustration
Mural Digital Mockup on Photo

concept and design process

> initial design sketch
> digital illustration
>  digital mockups

Roxane powersanding concrete wall
Sanded and filled concrete wall
Projecting mural outline onto wall for outlining
Melody Village 2022 grade 5 cohort painting a mural collaboratively

prep and painting process

> wall cleaning, power grinding, leveling and prep
> outlining of mural design using projection
> facilitation of group mural painting

Mural in progress
Melody Village 2022 grade 5 cohort painting a mural collaboratively

painting process

> giving students tools and tips for painting and creative collaboration
> facilitating mural painting sessions with grade five student cohort

Melody Village Mural
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